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Answer: Up to now, we have completed the compensation and site clearance for over 95% of the project area. Project spread

On an area of 264ha is divided into 6 stages.

Phase 1 of the project has been completed and welcomed residents to live since the end of 2013. Phase 1 of the project includes 1 villa area, 1 adjoining house and 4 apartment buildings. The primary school building has also been completed and ready for operation to serve residents.

Phase 2 of the project was started and in June 2012.


According to the most recent market survey of An Khanh JVC, most respondents were very interested in the Splendora project. According to their assessment, the overall planning of Splendora gives residents a living space with an open model, the area of green trees and water surfaces are harmoniously distributed; Convenient connection, synchronous and modern technical infrastructure and social infrastructure.


An Khanh JVC is committed to implementing the project as well as using the contributed capital effectively to bring buyers the right products with its value, so we hope that those who care The project becomes “smart consumers” to avoid unnecessary risks and buy products that match their value. An Khanh JVC will continue to bring a large number of products to the market in the near future, and of course the opportunity to buy directly from An Khanh JVC will be very much.


It’s correct. Initially, the project was known as Bac An Khanh by Vinaconex and Posco E&C joint stock companies. The name Splendora was born from the combination of Splendid – in English meaning beautiful, bright and from Or meaning gold, demonstrating the mission to bring residents here prosperity and luxury.


We have 2 types of finishes: 1 is basic finishing, 1 is maximum finishing.

– Basic finishing includes finishing floors, ceilings, walls, water and electricity systems and lighting. Also in the toilet will be fully equipped.

– Maximum finish will equip full equipment with both furniture and refrigeration. In addition, some items will be replaced as bathtubs will often be replaced by jacuzzi baths …

With the unit price that customers pay for low-rise houses, they will be entitled to basic finishing & unit price calculated per m2 of floor. This is a method of calculating prices completely different from the projects on the land so far. Can be compared as follows:

1. Common calculation method:

Land unit price x Total m2 of land + Construction unit price x Total m2 of construction

2. Splendora’s calculation method:

Total m2 of basic finishing floor (Total m2 of land x coefficient) x selling price


Splendora project has a large scale and is invested in synchronous construction, including 6 phases expected to be completed in 2020, in which phase 1 is developed on an area of 50 ha with items such as low-rise houses ( adjacent villas, apartments have been completed by the end of 2013.

The social infrastructure of the project was started in June 2012, including public works items such as schools and central lake parks.

The construction of advance infrastructure, houses, schools and public items (health, sports, community activities, shopping centers, supermarkets …) will be conducted in parallel. . Ensure after handing over the house, the public items will basically meet the needs of people to live.

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