Spring with the residents of Splendora



Together with the bustling atmosphere of Spring, An Khanh JVC Company and the Management Board of Villas, Adjacent Houses and Apartments of Splendora Urban Complex organized the Tet Fair with the theme “Full Tet, warm love Spring “to build traditional cultural beauty, an international community of humanities and intellectuals here.


When the streets of Ha Noi are full of spring, Splendora urban area is bustling with Tet atmosphere. Over the weekend, a Tet festival was held for the first time in “The place to come, Wishing for” with activities to celebrate New Year – Play Tet – See the Tet extremely attractive and unique.





A New Year’s atmosphere with traditional and traditional countryside is recreated in the context of a modern urban area. It is the thatched roof stalls adorned with crimson lanterns that symbolize fortune and luck, where residents enjoy snacks of the old town, Drifting bread, Skewers, and wrecks. I am in the folk songs of Bac Ninh, performed by professional artists.

The space is more and more cheerful and bustling with laughter of children who participate in traditional Tet activities with their peers. While grandparents and parents asked him for a lucky word, the children gathered around to watch the art of playing To he, making Cotton candy, bowl of Statues and participating in folk games such as Tug of war, Daddy dance, Coffee on stilts, Push sticks, Umbrella eat, Dams, Fishing, Monkey Bridge …