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Vietnam is witnessing strong moves. Hanoi is witnessing a change in the West. There is an example of a new, more comfortable, healthier living environment.

An Khanh New Urban Development JV Co., Ltd (An Khanh JVC) is pleased to welcome you to Splendora – a magnificent new urban area with all the facilities at hand in the West of Hanoi.

Comprehensive cooperation between the two leading construction corporations Vinaconex of Vietnam and Posco E & amp; C of Korea, An Khanh New Urban Development Joint Venture Company Limited (An Khanh JVC) was established with the mission successfully building a completely new and modern urban area, bringing the world-class living environment in the North of Vietnam – Splendora new urban area.

Located in the most convenient location in the North of Vietnam, Splendora will be the development center of the whole area west of Hanoi. Adjacent to Thang Long Avenue, the traffic artery gate to the west, about 15km from the center of Hoan Kiem, and only 40 minutes drive from Noi Bai International Airport, from Splendora, you can go everywhere in the most convenient way. With a total area of 264 hectares of land, Splendora is planned to develop in accordance with international standards of design and quality, a fully self-sufficient city with business, residential, commercial, education and culture, sports, entertainment … in a harmonious living environment. Splendora is a dream city of the future that residents can experience in the present.

With all the enthusiasm, determination and hard faith, JVC – An Khanh has been and will continue to make efforts to successfully build the new urban area Splendora.

Come to enjoy your glorious future with us at Splendor

An khanh JVC

On August 18, 2006, Vietnam Construction Import-Export Corporation (Vinaconex) and Posco E & amp; C (South Korea) signed a cooperation contract to invest in the North An Khanh new urban area project. Splendor).

According to the contract, Vinaconex and Posco E & C will jointly invest in constructing a new urban area of Bac An Khanh (Splendora) along Lang – Hoa Lac expressway in the An Khanh and Lai Yen communes. , Song Phuong, Van Canh of Hoai Duc District, Ha Tay is now Hanoi. An Khanh New Urban Development Joint Venture Company Limited was established to manage and implement the project.

On December 08, 2006, An Khanh New Urban Development Joint Venture Company Limited (An Khanh JVC) was officially established. An Khanh JVC’s staff is transferred from two parent companies, experienced in the field of design, project management and construction. These great experiences have been creating a modern complex city Splendora – Where to come, where to expect.

In December 2017, Posco E & amp; C transferred its entire capital contribution in An Khanh New Urban Development Joint Venture Company Limited to Phu Long Real Estate Developer with the plan to bring Splendora to become a the most modern city in Vietnam. Since then, the Splendora project has been led and developed by two parent companies VINACONEX and PHL LONG – SOVICO – Two strong units in the field of construction and investment real estate.

General information about the business

  • Name of enterprise: An Khanh New Urban Development Joint Venture Company
  • Short name: An Khanh JVC
  • Type of business: Limited liability company with two or more members (Joint Venture)
  • Address: Km 10+ 600, Thang Long Boulevard, An Khanh Commune, Hoai Duc District, Hanoi
  • Phone: (84.24) 3755.6541
  • Fax: (84.24) 3755.6546
  • Website:
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Established on September 27, 1988, Vietnam Construction Import and Export Corporation (VINACONEX) has the main function of constructing civil, industrial, infrastructure, water supply and environment, Import and export machinery, equipment, materials for construction and other economic sectors; sending laborers to work abroad for a certain period of time and investing in the fields of construction, production of building materials, urban areas, industrial parks, electricity and water projects …

The corporation has over 70 affiliated units operating in all parts of the country with a team of more than 40,000 staff, engineers, specialists, employees including many who have been trained and working Overseas, have in-depth knowledge and experience.

In the process of operation, VINACONEX always attach importance and determination of credibility with customers is the important factor leading.

To date, VINACONEX has built its reputation and brand in the market, the domestic and foreign customers respect, appreciate, trust to establish business cooperation in the field. areas of mutual interest.

As one of the pioneer groups “exploring” the potential south of the city, Phu Long real estate developer came out more than a decade ago, with the mission of waking up the sleepy land, becoming into civilized and modern urban areas; create works that value over time, comfortable living spaces, culture, security, friendly environment.

On the way to the top of the projects, Phu Long never compromised on location, architecture, luxury and quality. Having a timeless masterpiece is a challenge and a goal that Phu Long always strives to achieve.

All the works of Phu Long are built on the motto of good quality, fast progress, perfect facilities, bring human values deep and imbued breath of nature.

Towards the goal of becoming a real estate developer with international stature, the support of Sovico Group, Phu Long Corporation strengthens its investment strategy, builds and develops projects that are located in Major cities, famous tourist destinations such as Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Nha Trang, Da Nang, Phu Quoc, … Phu Long will participate in the whole project construction, business continuity. Marketing and management operation according to the motto that Phu Long committed, contributing to the creation of modern new urban areas, prosperous communities, where the investment is fortune, worthy of the brand that guests. Customers and partners support, put faith. Phu Long projects are developing: Dragon Riverside City, Dragon Village, …

Phu Long is committed to always do all for the customers and the community, build the most perfect products, develop the best standards to ensure each project, each house always increases the value of information. through international management, widely promoted and highly accountable to the community.

Vision, mission

An Khanh JVC was established on December 8, 2006, a joint venture between Vinaconex – the leading construction company in Vietnam and Posco E & C – energy and construction company, and large infrastructure most Korean.

All in one international quality with modern living comfort in a harmonious environment, Splendora is the dream city of the future that residents can live in today.

Mission: Building Splendora – a completely new and modern city, providing world-class living in Hanoi.

Vision of the project: a modern city completely new on 264 hectares of land just 15km away from Hoan Kiem. The project follows international standards of design and quality, a self-sufficient city with business, residential, commercial, educational and cultural facilities.

















Investment Opportunities

Splendora project of An Khanh New Urban Development Joint Venture Company promises to become a living space with perfect facilities. We offer promising investment opportunities for leading businesses in the following areas:

Retail service


Health services


Education system


Technical infrastructure


The brand identity

Logo of Splendora

Logo of Splendora